Discover Honduras

Discover Honduras

You need a new vacation destination, and you don’t know where to go yet? Perhaps is not too late to make preparations to visit Honduras on your next vacation. Why is it so great to go there? Well, it has the Caribbean Sea to the north and Pacific Ocean in the south, so the climate is tropical in lower lands and temperate up in the mountains. If you are a person who loves sandy beaches and blue waves, you will find them in the coastal areas. But if you like to explore mountainous areas, Honduras has a very vast area covered by mountains. Not to mention the large variety of animals, both on land and under water, birds, and beautiful flowers. Honduras is even considered to be a biodiversity hotspot, due the large number of creatures and plants that can be found here.

Besides the natural wonders, Honduras is a real cradle for art, the number of native Honduran painters, writers and singers being rather impressive. Worldwide known artists are representative to the area, showing that the people here have a true calling for beautiful arts. Among the national celebrations, you will find Easter, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, just like in other countries. Besides these, Honduras has its particular holidays, like Honduras Independence Day, on the 15th of September. This day is a great celebration, happening throughout the country in all its institutions. The celebration starts with colorful marching bands; children receive presents, and some people even enjoy piñatas on the street. Other celebrations are Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, El Dia de Lempira and the Day of the Soldier. The predominant language spoken here is Spanish. There are minorities, very scarce, who speak some native Amerindians languages like Pech, Garifuna and Miskito.

Regarding the traditional Honduran cuisine, you will be surprised to find out it is a fusion of Spanish, Caribbean and African cuisine. Coconut pulp and milk are base ingredients in most dishes. Fried fish, tamales, chicken with rice and corn, and carne asada are some of the most popular dishes. On the coastal lines, you can find a great number of dishes with seafood. Corn Tamale, stuffed tortillas, and soups, like bean soup, tripe or beef soups, are excellent Honduran dishes. What adds a bit of exotic taste is the great variety of tropical fruits, which are prepared in very many ways. Pineapple, papaya, bananas, passion fruit or plums, are frequently found in dishes.

As touristic attractions, Honduras has resorts, natural wonders, ancient vestiges and beautiful cities to see. If you like ancient Mayan history, go visit Copan, in the West of Honduras, to see the remains of old Mayan buildings. For divers, Utila, one of the Bay Islands, is the perfect spot. If you are not a diver, you can find diving classes right there, in Utila. Punta Sal, once a heavenly retreat for pirates, now it is a wildlife sanctuary, being the best place to be close to nature. Rio Platano Biosphere Reserve remains one of the very few unspoiled natural biospheres. So for nature enthusiasts, or for people who wish to see the untamed wilderness, this is a place to see. Need some adrenaline? Rio Cangrejal is a great spot for rafting and kayaking since this mountain river can offer some thrilling rides.